The site is a web project created and led by Zoran Tanevski, a professional web developer with more than 1.5 decades of experience.

Throughout all these dev years, I’ve encountered a plentiful of situations where I had to find, create or overcome different development problems, bugs and solutions. And trust me they were a lot 🙂

Unfortunately, I never had some organized way of storing these solutions in a structured and meaningful format. So this project is, in a way, my personal webdev repository which will hopefully put an end to the chaos in my HDDs, where very often you can find files named like “FixApachePerms.txt”, “FixApachePerms-2.txt”, “FixApachePerms-Best-CentOS.txt”, “FixApachePermsUbuntu-Newest.txt” etc…

Apart from that, my other intention was to share this knowledge with my fellow developers and to hopefully save them some valuable time, when they’ll face some similar problems.

If any of the above goals are achieved, that will mean my mission is accomplished!