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Joomla! Fix 500 error: Layout default_batch not found.

Doing Joomla! upgrades are not always the easiest and quickest things to do. Especially when you have to upgrade for few versions at once. You can encounter different issues, like messed up file systems, missing libraries, corrupted or outdated template overrides, old and abandoned extensions, etc. Recently while doing upgrades I encountered a strange error…

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Eight ways to detect Joomla! version from scraped html source code

As we showed previously with WordPress, detecting the Joomla! version from its source code is also possible. Although not that straight-forward as WordPress. The best success I had was to use multiple approaches, so if one fails, the code moves to the others. It should be also noted that with some approaches the best you…

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Bulk register users to a Zoom Meeting

In recent times the ZOOM app became very popular for creating and attending online meetings and webinars. As a web developer, more often than not, you would be required to interact somehow with their APIs. Either to register users to a meeting or to retrieve some users’ or registrants’ data for further processing. Recently I…

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